The Entry Test for B.Sc Engineering would be of F.Sc./ Intermediate level and will be offered in the following combinations:


i. Physics, Mathematics, English & Chemistry.

ii. Physics, Mathematics, English & Computer Science.

iii. Physics, Mathematics, English & Statistics.

iv. Physics, Biology, English & Chemistry.


The area of skills to be tested shall include:

i. Physics 30%

ii. Mathematics / Biology 30%

iii. English 10%

iv. Chemistry / Computer Science / Statistics 30%


i. Applicants who have passed or have appeared in F.Sc/ Intermediate, B.Sc., DAE, B.Tech (Pass), or any Equivalent Examination may apply and choose the relevant combination. However, appearance in Entry Test does not confer the right to apply for admission at UET Taxila and its campuses. List of elligibility criterion and elligible disciplines of DAE is available at web link http://admissions.uettaxila.edu.pk

ii. DAE applicants can choose CHEMISTRY / Computer Science as the optional subject depending upon their diploma type.